Freddie Davies & Carol Cleveland Join Our Cast

We are delighted to announce that Freddie Davies, (Harry Potter, Funny Bones, Harbour Lights), and Carol Cleveland, (Monty Python), have accepted the lead roles in our new short, Passing, from first-time Director/Writer Philippa Howson.  Freddie will be playing Eric, a lost soul who is estranged from his family and Carol will be playing Catherine, Eric's ex-wife and matriarch.  The whole team is excited to work Freddie & Carol and cannot wait to see what they bring to their roles with their high calibre talent.

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Script Writing Competition


Before Dracula first shrank from the light of day, there was Carmilla. Ever since Sheridan le Fanu published his serial novella in 1871, the influence of the vampire legend has grown. In each generation a new manifestation appears, ready to take audiences into its grip. However, the newest incarnations of these tales seem to have diluted the raw intensity of these stories. The recent glut of teen girl vampire romances and undead action blockbusters shadow the strength of the archetype in sentimentality and coarsen the crucial delicacy of the myth with an excess of violence and gore. In a new project for 2015/16, Master Media is preparing to challenge these trends with a powerful contemporary adaptation of le Fanu’s masterpiece.

Our vision for this new movie is strong, and we are seeking fresh screenwriting talent to help us develop the story with a fervent regard for the dark sensual power at the heart of Carmilla. The script must capture the fever-dream ambiance of the original, remaining fully present in its undeniable erotic glow and simmering danger without crossing the boundary into explicit sexuality or graphic violence. The characters in Carmilla are steeped in the ambiguity of the situation in which they find themselves, and the script should do the same for our audience. Is Carmilla an unholy creature or is there another explanation for the events that have befallen this household?

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Website launched!

Today we are launching our new website.  We hope you like it, please give us your feedback using the email link at the top of the right hand side!

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